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Freelance reporter and audio producer Chris Harland-Dunaway speaks about his long investigative story on Tron founder Justin Sun after his acquisition of BitTorrent. In this episode, Harland-Dunaway describes:

  • how after his acquisition of peer-to-peer file sharing protocol BitTorrent Justin Sun straddled the China-West divide 
  • Sun’s background, his early success and how he got into cryptocurrency
  • how he treated the US-based employees differently from those based in China
  • how Sun made a threat to kill an employee’s family over an anonymous employee question about what would happen is TRX went to $0
  • an incident in which Sun hit an employee
  • how Sun handled ethical issues that cropped up around scammers on the app store on Tron, with piracy on BitTorrent product BT Movie and with dark web-style content on BT Live
  • why he believes Sun’s biggest liability is his lack of empathy as both a manager and entrepreneur


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