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In this episode, I answer some questions submitted to me via Twitter. I take the audience behind the scenes at Unconfirmed and Unchained to discuss:

  • how I started learning about crypto
  • my pre-interview ritual and how I prepare for interviews
  • the toughest interview I have done so far
  • what I dislike about being a crypto journalist
  • my interests outside of crypto
  • what my recording setup and environment are like
  • the storyline to my upcoming book
  • who I consider to be the top five leaders in crypto 
  • what the layer 1 blockchain future looks like
  • whether my conviction in the crypto industry has grown over the years
  • what I believe the next tech revolution will be
  • what I think of the trends in dapps, alts and DeFi 
  • how relevant fundamentals will be in the upcoming bull cycle
  • whether I find time to reflect on how fast things are moving in the space


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