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Robby Greenfield, the CEO of Emerging Impact and the former head of social impact and diversity programming at ConsenSys, talks about how the crypto community handles issues of diversity and inclusion. We discuss:

  • why he thinks many in the community want to change everything but systemic racism
  • why many in the community turned a blind eye to racist posts retweeted by cryptographer Nick Szabo
  • how people in the crypto community responded to his recent essay on racism
  • why cryptocurrency would not exist without black people
  • his social impact work at ConsenSys
  • how blockchain technology and crypto can help address issues of racism
  • why blacks are underrepresented in crypto despite expressing more interested in it than other demographics

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Episode links: 

Robby Greenfield:

Emerging Impact: 

Robby’s essay in CoinDesk:

Robby’s tweet storm on why cryptocurrency would not exist without black people:

Unconfirmed interview with Steven McKie:

Robby’s campaign, Crypto for Black Lives:

Links from news recap:



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